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Health care cost related to food insecurity is 160 billion a year. That is about 3.1 billion per state, or about 50 thousand per person.  We have a solution designed to reduce that number by 10% every 10 years, with an efficiency ratio of +5 (the pace at which technology grows) divided by the rate at which the population grows (dN/dt) 1.1% would allow us grow enough food to outpace the “potential” for food insecurity……..This is preventive economics.

Urban Farming

Growing or producing food in a city or heavily populated town or municipality.  An individual, couple of friends, a nonprofit entity, or neighborhood group can start and run an urban farm.  There is no one correct sales outlet for an urban farm.  Food can be sold to restaurants or at farmers markets, given to a local soup kitchen or church, but the food is raised primarily to be moved (through some form of commerce) from the grower to the user.

Tower Farms

Discover the ultimate urban farming solution Tower Farms technology allows you to grow food without soil while using only 10% of the land required by traditional agriculture. You can sustainably farm almost anywhere within a city —

from parking lots to rooftops.

Grocery F.A.R.M.S.

The F.A.R.M. PRESENTS: Grocery F.A.R.M.S. The newest “food desert” and “food access” solutions. These systems will revitalize any urban community by providing a high dose of continuous “beyond organic” produce as well as generating business by putting “black owned” products on our shelves FIRST. This will increase the demand for product not only in your communities but in communities across the globe!

Our stores will generate millions in revenue and 100’s of jobs.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is the perfect revenue generating engine for a rooftop. The heat generated from the sun is translated as a higher electric bill. The F.A.R.M. designs and transforms into an extra revenue stream. Ideal for grocery stores, restaurants, apartments, nursing homes and businesses.

Be unique and create a new niche by growing UP.

Want to be a part of the solution?

Interested in a vertical farm for your home or community? Do you have free space, warehouse, property or rooftop? Do you have vacant lots in your neighborhood? Let The F.A.R.M. help transform those spaces into food production hubs. Start your own indoor/outdoor vertical farm. Grow premium chemical free food all year around. Securing our food supply starts with a solution…The F.A.R.M. offers your community food access, food security and food revenue.

The Food Access & Reclamation Model

The F.A.R.M. is an agriculture system that focuses growing vertically. Through joint ventures with government, corporations and health-conscious individuals, we are teaching the world to "Grow Up."


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