The Problem in our Communities

Food deserts, food insecurity and urban farming have been depicted as a lack of equal access to equal food options.  There is a new term like “food swamps” as a corporate response; not to the food problems but the access and demand problems that have not been answered.  As we begin to populate urban cities, we also begin to displace our food supply.  Based on our population outpacing our nutritious food supply, many people’s physical and mental health are at risk!


Food deserts can be described as geographic areas where residents’ access to affordable, healthy food options (especially fresh fruits and vegetables) is restricted or nonexistent due to the absence of grocery stores within convenient travelling distance. For instance, according to a report prepared for Congress by the Economic Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture, about 2.3 million people (or 2.2 percent of all US households) live more than one mile away from a supermarket and do not own a car.


Food insecurity, as measured in the United States, refers to the social and economic problem of lack of food due to resource or other constraints, not voluntary fasting or dieting, or because of illness, or for other reasons.

“Although lack of economic resources is the most common constraint, food insecurity can also be experienced when food is available and accessible, but cannot be used because of physical or other constraints such as limited physical functioning by elderly people or those with disabilities.” (Lee and Frogillo, 2001a, 2001b)


Communities that are flooded with unhealthy, highly processed, low-nutrient food combined with disproportionate advertising for unhealthy food compared to wealthier neighborhoods.

Food swamps were a strong predictor of obesity rates – stronger than food deserts.  The relationship between food swamps and obesity was especially strong where people lacked both their own cars and access to public transporation.

The Food Access & Reclamation Model

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