Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Vertical Farming exists?
What is the difference between Vertical Aeroponics and Hydroponics?
How do I start vertical farming?
What are the costs to building and maintaining a vertical farm?
What are the barriers for vertical farming?
What crops are suitable for vertical farming?
How much space is needed for a setup of multiple towers?
What is Vertical Aeroponics?
How is Aeroponic Vertical Farming better than traditional farming?
What are the barriers to vertical farming?
What kind of crops are best for vertical farming?
What is the difference between Aeroponics and Hydroponics?
What is the difference between a residential and a commercial tower?

Additional Questions

How much labor does it take to run a farm?
Does The F.A.R.M.™ provide farming advice?
Does The F.A.R.M.™ take care of the installation of towers?
What nutrients are used with this process?
What is the tower made of?
The Food Access & Reclamation Model

The F.A.R.M. is an agriculture system that focuses growing vertically. Through joint ventures with government, corporations and health-conscious individuals, we are teaching the world to "Grow Up."


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