Beyond Organic

When it comes to organic farming, fertilizers must originate from a plant or an animal base. In the world of hydroponics and aeroponics, we use minerals dissolved in water as a source of nutrients. In fact, if we were to use a plant or an animal base fertilizer, it would just float around the water and start rotting.

In all cases, plants need 16 major macro and trace elements in order to grow healthy. Whether those come from earth minerals or from minerals found in plant compost or in animal manure, it is irrelevant.

By definition, ‘organic’ refers to carbon-based or living matter which only encompasses plants & animals. Although natural, earth minerals can therefore not be classified as organic.

When it comes to Vertical Farming technology, our farming approach is as natural and 100% pesticide free as in organic farming.

We invite you to visit our Vertical Farming section where we outline the benefits of vertical aeroponic farming versus conventional soil-based farming.

The Food Access & Reclamation Model

The F.A.R.M. is an agriculture system that focuses growing vertically. Through joint ventures with government, corporations and health-conscious individuals, we are teaching the world to "Grow Up."


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